Dating Tips from Lisa Clampitt Matchmaking

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5 Signs You’re Headed Towards Marriage

They say “you know when you know” when it comes to deciding if your romance is headed towards marriage. But let’s dissect this for a moment… This all-knowing “they” can sometimes make us feel like there will be a visceral click in the stomach, brain, or heart that whispers, “This is it!” Now I believe in that. And for many [...]

3 Tips to Stand Out at Your 4th of July BBQ

It’s that time of year again! Chances are, you will attend more than one cookout with friends and family this summer. And 4th of July is usually the big kick-off. (It is America’s 241st birthday, after all!) There’s an energy about summer I love. So it’s my mission to make sure you stand out at your next BBQ with some [...]

The Biggest Reason You’re Still Single (And How to Change It)

You’ve heard it before: You get back what you put in. People mostly use this when talking about working hard, right? When pursuing goals and going after what you want. It makes sense, but it’s not a phrase that’s really helping us when it comes to dating. Allow me to explain… When applying this idea, you might think, “Ok, if [...]

The Ultimate Summer Date Spots in New York City

Once Memorial Day hits, it’s summer in the city. Am I right? Now I know summer doesn’t officially start until Wednesday, June 21st, but who is waiting that long? As us New Yorkers know, winter is always creeping in the shadows - we’re just a Nor’easter away from being trapped in our apartments. So with the rooftop umbrellas up, beaches [...]

4 Dating No-Nos to Avoid This Spring

It’s spring. The sun is shining. It’s simply the perfect time to find your perfect match (see what I did there?) And as I am committed to making sure you find and keep love, I wanted to give you the inside scoop into a few dating snafus that have come through my office which are sure to take the fire [...]

How Soon Is Too Soon?

“How soon is too soon…?” This is a question I’m asked at least once a day - every day - in my office. There’s a natural student in us that likes to make sure we are doing the right thing or making the right choice. We also like the reassurance that our thoughts and opinions aren’t far off - and [...]