If you want to find and keep a relationship, then the opportunity to date (more than once) is key. In the words of the great Whitney Houston, “How will I know if he really loves me?” Well, let’s back it up to “like me,” to igniting chemistry – and there’s no better way to know than by dating.

And when a woman finds herself on a date with a guy who has some financial success, dating becomes the best way for both parties to make sure they are in it for the “right” reasons.

So you’re on a date with a handsome, rich man – here’s the top 10 ways not to blow it…

1. Show Him You like Him for More Than Just His Money.

Now it goes without saying that you are a smart, fabulous woman who, of course, is interested in more than just your date’s financial success. But the biggest fear of a rich man is that he is being used for his money. Be sure to compliment him and show him you like him for him – because it’s likely he’s insecure about this. Decide that you aren’t even going to talk about money with him – for a good long while. Instead, focus on your common interests – what excites you – and allow each other to bring your best self to the table.

2. Express Gratitude – Twice.

Chances are, he will pick-up the tab but don’t forget to thank him when the check arrives and then at the end of the night again. Don’t be afraid to express what a fun or [insert any nice way to describe the evening] night you’ve had and that you appreciate him taking you out. Now this may seem like a no brainer – but I’m telling you – I’ve seen it happen. Sometimes women take for granted that men will pay so it’s always nice for them to feel appreciated.

3. Don’t Demand A Car Service (Or Any Service) On Your First Date.

Or any sort of gift for that matter. As a matchmaker who has been setting up wealthy men for over two decades, I have seen women demand everything from a car to and from their apartment to a pair of expensive shoes. All of this is a huge no. No Uber/Lyft demands on your first date.

4. Just Say No.

To the most expensive item on the menu, that is. It can be tempting to dive right into that surf and turf, but try to put yourself in his shoes. A guy who has money is already going to be sensitive that women are just using him for it, so feel free to order the fish – just not the rarest catch of the year that they are offering on special tonight.

5. Never Eat Off His Plate.

This is a real thing. I’ve had clients come back and tell me how great a date was but what a complete turn-off it was when she ate off of his plate. Just don’t do it, no matter how tempting his side dish looks.

6. Leave The Hashtags At Home.

Avoid being on your phone the whole time (or at all really), updating Facebook, or making sure you post your meal on Instagram. Instead, concentrate on interests or points of view you have in common. Enjoy finding out about someone new and discovering what you are like now, with this new person and leave your phone in your bag.

7. Look Your Best.

Recently, a client told me his date showed up in sweatpants. Chances are you don’t want him showing up in his gym clothes, so leave the Lululemon for yoga and pick an outfit you feel sexy in – something that makes you feel comfortable and confident so you can flirt, interact, and engage with your date.

8. Just One Date Per Night.

This means, don’t overbook yourself. If you have a date at 7pm and drinks planned with friends (or anyone else) at 9pm, chances are you are going to feel rushed, not fully engaged in the date, consequently making him feel like you aren’t interested. Stick with one event that evening.

9. Be Curious.

Don’t monopolize the conversation with a rambling, verbal resumé or your accomplishments. I get it. You might be nervous or think you’re impressing your date, but often, this makes the other person lose interest and that you are self-involved. Make sure it’s a give and take and show your curious side.

10. Share Your Passions.

Share what makes you excited. Is your career your passion? Or is there something else you love to do every weekend or with your family, or friends? Don’t be afraid to share your own ideals and what makes you laugh. That upbeat, positive energy will only enhance your evening, making you more attractive and magnetic.

Remember, dating can be tricky and you may not get it right the first, third, or tenth time. The important part to remember is to stay in the game. And if you need help meeting that handsome, kind, financially savvy man, you’ve come to the right place. Check out our female membership and see how we can help you find your perfect match.