Only 48 hours til Thanksgiving! I don’t know about you but it’s one of my absolute favorite holidays. It’s all about spending time with those you love, relaxing, and mashed potatoes, of course! A lot of mashed potatoes. Oh, and pie, too!

It’s also one of the most popular holidays where we see clients bring that special someone “home” to meet the family or to a Friendsgiving – for the first time.

No matter what the day has in store for you, we have a few things to consider…

Going Home

So you’re bringing someone home for the first time? How exciting! Ok, here is what you need to know…

Prep them beforehand. Use the drive there or delayed time at the airport to help them learn a little bit more about your family.

Any potential political talk from your Uncle Bill?

Does your mom really love to chat about her garden?

What are your favorite T-day traditions?

Will there be a backyard football game?

Whatever it is, make it fun to clue them into what a typical holiday is like with the people you love while being open and honest about any of the “sticky” stuff.

But what if you are the date? First things first – be yourself. This phrase gets thrown around a lot – but we mean it! Quite simply, don’t try too hard. Be sure to get a feel for the attire from your date. Is your family a jeans and t-shirt for Thanksgiving or more formal? That way you can choose something you feel confident, yet comfortable in.

First Impression.

Let’s talk gifts. Bring one! A hostess gift is always considered a thoughtful gesture. It can be anything from a bottle of wine, to something seasonally fun like an ornament for the Christmas tree (if you celebrate Christmas) or a fall/wintry scented candle (you can never go wrong with a Nest candle. Period.). A candle or bottle of wine can be great hostess gifts for Hanukkah, as well!

Want to get super specific?

Ask your boyfriend or girlfriend something unique about their parents or family member that’s hosting. Is his aunt that’s hosting a book lover? How about bringing the new Alice Hoffman novel – The Rules of Magic – over? Her gothic, New England settings are always perfect for this time of year! Don’t be afraid to ask questions and think outside the [gift] box!

One of the other ways you can really stand out (and this one comes straight from our Director of Recruiting – Ashley) is to bring a dish that your family always had for Thanksgiving that might be new to your partner’s family. For Ashley, it was a green bean casserole straight from her Midwestern upbringing that her Long Island boyfriend (and his entire family) had never had. It was a great icebreaker and something they absolutely loved.

If cooking isn’t your thing, then bring a game. They can be a great way to facilitate easy conversation, let your personality shine, and really make for a fun way to get to know the family.

And of course, be sure to offer to help with something – set the table, clear the dishes, load the dishwasher. Even if they say “No – you are our guest. Hang out and have fun!” the fact that you asked will never go unnoticed and will be appreciated. (You’re welcome for those easily scored bonus points!)

Plus One Talk

As the holidays approach, we know it can shine a glaring light on being single. Here’s the real deal: You rock. Period. (And you don’t need a “plus one” to own it.) In fact, the holidays can be one of the best times to reconnect with what matters most to you – extra time with family, adventures with friends, diving deeper into your relationships at work, and thinking about your goals and dreams, both professionally and personally.

But there’s also nothing wrong with saying that you are looking for real love – extraordinary, shout it from the rooftops kind of love!

We totally get you. And it’s basically why we are in business because we know love is something everyone hopes to have in their life; a loyal, sincere, and kind partner to share it all with.

So if you want to do dating a little differently, check out how we can help. We have services for both men and women!

Happy Thanksgiving from the team here at Lisa Clampitt Matchmaking!