Ah, Halloween. A time for trick-or-treaters to fill up their bags, haunted houses to do serious business, and . . . singles to find love?

Believe it. While you may think of All Hallows Eve as a night for cheeky hook-ups in disguise, the truth is, Halloween has a long and surprising history as a night when singles couple up.

And why not? It’s a magical, charged night when all bets are off. After all, putting on a costume has a unique way of helping you shed your inhibitions!

No matter what your romantic situation, Halloween is the perfect time to show your personality and connect with a new love.

In a relationship?

Bond with your partner by knocking it out of the park with the perfect couple’s costume.


Use your costume as an opportunity to let your creativity shine – and maybe start a flirty conversation with other partygoers!

If you’re not sure which direction to take your look this Halloween, see below for a few of our do’s and don’ts.

#1 Let Nostalgia Be Your Guide.

Pop culture has given us the gift of some universal touchstones that can make for great Halloween costumes and conversation starters.

Why not mine the well of your favorite TV shows or movies for ideas? (Saturday Night Live alone has given us dozens of possibilities.) Go back in time and get into character!

#2 Be Sexy Not Basic.

Halloween is one of the few socially acceptable times when ladies can ratchet up their sex appeal. You only need to look at the nearest costume store to see a “sexy” variation of almost any costume: sexy police officer. Sexy mouse. Sexy nun. (Even a sexy Handmaid was briefly an option before it was pulled from the shelves!)

And hear us when we say that there is nothing wrong with being sexy!

But you can be sexy and still be creative—or even mysterious. Why not go for something that takes a little more thought than your traditional Sexy Fill-in-the-Blank from the Party City rack?

#3 Mind Your Makeup

While Halloween can be one of the times when you go all out with a scary face or heavy makeup, think about this…

Do you want to kiss somebody while you’re wearing fake teeth and caked-on corpse makeup?

Now, it could totally turn out alright but just keep it in mind.

And while you’re keeping it in mind, remember just because you’re not going as a sexy nurse doesn’t mean you have to go as, say, the Crypt Keeper or a poop emoji (this is an actual costume we saw online!)

#4 Be Practical.

Remember, clever is good – but comfort is king. You don’t want a costume that’s going to turn into a giant pain in the butt 15 minutes into the night.

Plus, this is New York City and apartment-party space is limited. Don’t be that guy who dresses up like Jabba the Hut and knocks over drinks all night.

Wear the costume, don’t let the costume wear you!

#5 Bring Props

In addition to your costume, some well-chosen giveaways can be a great way to break the ice. Bring something fun and easy (ideally, connected to your costume) to hand out to your fellow partiers.  And if you can’t think of anything costume-related—lollipops are always popular!

Hot tip: bring some temporary tattoos and you will be the most popular person at the party. Seriously. Everyone will be lining up to snag a tat from you. (Trust us – it’s a little unconventional, but it works like a charm.) We love anything from the Tattly brand!

Whatever Halloween costume you choose, you can show up to any party this October as a person who is confident, curious, lively and engaged. Open yourself up to the possibilities of this magical night!

After all, it’s Halloween. Anything could happen.