Certified Matchmaker
Director of LGBTQIA+ Division

Ready to explore the vibrant tapestry of New York City – with an unwavering commitment to uncovering the love you’ve been searching for?

Meet Morgan

With three years of experience in NYC matchmaking, she draws upon her extensive knowledge to curate high-quality matches through honest evaluations.

A connoisseur of love and connections, Morgan’s had always devoured science based relationship books and podcasts. Her keen eye for detail and genuine interest in people set the stage for her successful career in matchmaking.

Beyond her professional prowess, Morgan infuses her matchmaking style with a touch of uniqueness. A devoted explorer of the city, she thrives on discovering hidden gems and crafting personalized experiences for her clients.

In her free time, Morgan embraces the cultural richness of NYC. Whether attending eccentric workout classes, immersing herself in improv sessions, or enjoying drag performances, she understands the importance of infusing personality into the matchmaking process and she’s got a lot of it!

Morgan’s commitment to her clients goes beyond the surface, delving deep into the intricacies of their desires and personalities. Like a true matchmaker, she’s dedicated to ensuring your unique qualities are valued!

Currently residing in South Harlem, Morgan is intimately familiar with NYC and the ABC/123 subway lines 😉