“The best matchmaker I know of is Lisa Clampitt – the quality of the men Lisa has in her roster is the best I’ve found to date. As an aside, she’s also very genuine, intelligent, insightful and great to work with (unlike some other matchmakers who I have found to be offensive and crass). Lisa’s background is in psychology and she’s very philanthropic – sometimes she has her clients/potential dates attend charity functions for a casual meet and greet, all for a great cause!” – Melissa (Real Estate developer)

“Don’t jinx this!! She is the woman of my dreams! You are so invited to the wedding” – James (Orthepedic Surgeon)

“Danielle and I met last night and needless to say – thank you for introducing me to the person I have been looking for over the past 30 years – also, effective today please freeze my membership. Thanks again – she really is wonderful” – Jonathan (SVP, Institutional Equity Sales)

“At last my love has come along…” – Vivian (Sales) on Tom (Lawyer)

“Well, aren’t you just the best little match maker in the world?! I adore James – you were right – he is beyond amazing! Please go ahead and remove me from the dating pool as my heart has been taken! Big hug!” – Meghan (entrepreneur)

“Lisa, I have to say, before meeting you, I was so skeptical about meeting people through a matchmaker. But after working with you, I could not have imagined having this much success without you. You have been so available, helpful, understanding and crucial to me finding such a great women as Kate. We both thank you so much for everything.” – Sam, Surgeon

“Things are sooooooo GOOD with Victor and me. We’re getting along so great, and really enjoying being MARRIED! So I’m very happy right now and I have only you to thank for such a wonderful introduction.” – XO Abby (Interior designer)

“…thank you for introducing me to someone so wonderful! I am absolutely thrilled! I remember you giving me a pep talk last fall that one day this would happen. I was optimistic, too, but never did I think it would happen so soon.” – Alison (Teacher)

“Lisa, I can’t believe how fun it has been to meet people through you. Your screening women for me has saved me so much time and energy. Each person I have met through you has been of such high quality. Your insight and feedback are extremely valuable. Jennifer and I have been together now for over six months but it seems like we have know each other for much longer. I think part of that is that we met through you so it seems like we knew so much about each other before we even met. Thanks so much for changing our lives.” – Andrew, Money Manager

“So basically things with Ben have really sped up. I met his sister and parents on Saturday night and in general he really seems to be vested in moving things forward. We had “the talk” last night and decided to be exclusive. Once again, thank you so much for making this crazy NYC dating scene so much easier and more fun. In case I haven’t told you lately…you guys rock!” – Sonja (Student)

“Hey Lisa, I just wanted to write you a note to let you know how much working with you has meant to me. Not only was the process of meeting potential partners so much fun, but it helped me to really discover what works and what does not work for me. I would have never met Angela without working with you. I think that if I met her a year ago I would have not been ready. But with your help, I was ready to meet my soul mate. We are planning to get married early next year. Look for the invite. Thanks again for everything” – David , Entrepreneur/Lawyer

“Just wanted to drop you a quick line to say that things are going great w/ me and Anna.
We went to Saratoga last week (pic attached) and we continue to hit on all cylinders. She loves horses and is so easy going. We are on the same page in so many areas and are just crazy about each other. Frankly, most amazing girl I’ve met since my wife (who passed on)” – Walter, CEO

“Thank you. I think Margie is great. She’s a breath of fresh air and her personality exceeds her beauty and she is absolutely breathtaking. Thanks again. I will speak to you tomorrow.” – Karl (business owner)

“I wanted to thank you so much for taking the time out to meet me for your business. I was pleasantly surprised with the entire hour and talking to you both was fun and easy. Your questions were so thorough, I felt like you really got to know me for who I am. I see why you are so successful and look forward to meeting the man of my dreams.” – Molly (Marketing Director)

“Thanks Lisa… what a match you made – we are so happily married, and of course now we have a little bunchkin which is so cool…”

– Angela (Designer)

“I’ve worked with Lisa for a year now, and without hesitation I give her my highest recommendation. Unlike other matchmakers I interviewed, Lisa is young, beautiful and personable. She truly gets it when it comes to matching me with the women I like, and she listens intently to my feedback so we can continue narrowing down the little stuff that make some women so wrong for me. I’ve meet at least 20 women during this past year, and I rarely find myself alone on an evening without a date unless I wish to be.” – Richard, CEO Banking

“So you were right. I told Emily how I felt about her this past weekend and she really opened up. We decided to date exclusively so I want to be placed on hold at the club. I’m really happy and thank you both so much for enabling us to meet.” – Roger (Lawyer)

“Lisa, I wanted to give you feedback on my date with Anna. All I can say is WOW. Every single woman you have introduced me to has been amazing. They have all been beautiful, charming, witty, accomplished and over all wonderful. But Anna wins the prize. We had such an amazing time and will be seeing each other again this weekend. Thank you so much for all the incredible introductions. When I joined with you I was hoping to meet some nice women but I had no idea how blown away I was going to be. This has been the best decision I have ever made. I just wanted you to know how pleased I am. Thanks and I will keep you up to date regarding Anna. I have my fingers crossed.” – Steve, Lawyer

“Dear Lisa, Thank you for everything. I must tell you that I think meeting you has changed my life. I have never met a person who was so present in the moment like you are with people. I often think about our conversations in breaking bad relationship patterns and have really turned that around gaining so much more success in my dating life. The gift this gave me was being more aware of who I am in this world and the impact I can have. Blessings to you” – Susie, Business Owner

“Lisa, during your ‘interview’ you helped me to connect and explore who I am… You planted a seed that has helped me identify a partner to share life’s journey. Among your many gifts, you intuition is extraordinary. Thanks and Be well” – Christopher (Managing Partner, Banking)

“I want to say thanks for our phone conversation the other day… I was so impressed by and grateful for how you handled the situation. Your skills as a social worker were truly on display…” – Olga (Interior Designer)

“Words can’t express how much I appreciate your time, generosity and incredible insights!!! I am floored by all the helpful information you gave me and excited to put it all into effect! I loved spending time with you and I am so excited to have you as a resource and a friend.” – Jenny (Finance)

“I can’t get over how amazing Marie is. I have not met a woman like her in 10 years! You guys are the best!” – Greg (Entrepreneur)

“I walked in to the restaurant and thought ‘I hope it’s that guy over there.’ I sat down and it was great. He’s the love of my life and a wonderful man.”
– Tobi (Artist)

“I’m sure you’ve heard it before from other clients, but you guys are a step above everyone else. The comfortable office, the conversation, and the fact that you already had taken the time to have a STACK of potentials for me (complete with nice photos!) left no doubt in my mind that I will DEFINITELY be using your services. It was NOT even a hard decision to make. You two were great!” – Mitch (private equity)