It’s spring. The sun is shining. It’s simply the perfect time to find your perfect match (see what I did there?) And as I am committed to making sure you find and keep love, I wanted to give you the inside scoop into a few dating snafus that have come through my office which are sure to take the fire and butterflies right out of your date.

Too Much Makeup

Women want to look their best. And I get that. But make sure you don’t go overboard. There’s no reason to go full out Grammy Awards makeup palette for a first date over drinks. So many guys come into my office telling me how they prefer a woman who looks more natural with their makeup. That means no caked on foundation; stay light handed with the eyeliner and mascara. And perhaps choose a more neutral lipstick as opposed to a bright color that you feel like you have to keep reapplying or that can easily get on your teeth. Put your best face forward, of course, but make sure it’s your face and not some image you think you’re supposed to look like. I promise you are beautiful enough.

The same goes for shoes. There’s no denying that a gorgeous pair of heels are a must with any sexy dress. But if you’re meeting for a coffee in Central Park, you can still look sexy without the spike heels. Choose a great pair of wedges or a fun sneaker. You can still be comfortable in New York and be a knockout.

Your Future Husband’s Hangout

Not so much a snafu as a “must have” when you decide to go out and find the one. This one is often overlooked and pretty crucial in my book. I can’t tell you how many women and men come to me complaining that no matter how many times they go out with friends, they can’t seem to meet someone. And they are convinced finding love is just impossible.

So I always ask them these two questions: What are the top 3 things you are looking for in a potential mate? What neighborhoods are you hanging out in to find this mate? Let me use myself as an example. When I was looking for love, I knew I wanted a guy who was smart, educated and who also had an incredible creative side with a healthy dose of punk rock – a tattoo sleeve to sweeten the deal. So I didn’t set my eyes on a Wall Street bar. Straight to the East Village I went and found my now husband of over 13 years in a coffee shop.

So you have to ask yourself, “What are the traits I’m really looking for?” Once you have that list, set your sights on going to places where that person would likely hang.

Maybe it’s at a bar in FiDi after work? Perhaps it’s a West Village wine bar? Or maybe a dog park in Yorkville? Don’t be afraid to jot down one or two things and set out to locate your perfect match.  

Check Your Breath

When I was chatting about this with my team, we decided that it’s best to hold off on the garlic or onions 24 hours before a date. But that might seem a little drastic for people. That’s why I also suggest making sure you have a travel toothbrush and toothpaste you can bring with you anywhere so you can freshen up before your date if you’re running straight from work.

And while I’m talking about brushing your teeth, make sure you don’t wear your Invisalign on a date. With more and more adults wanting to perfect their smile (which I think is awesome!) Invisalign seems to be popping up everywhere. But it shouldn’t be in your mouth while you are enjoying a delicious meal at Gramercy Tavern. Plan your day so you’ll be able to take it out and leave it out for your date.

Know Your Sweat Level

Sweat is something we all deal with. But an underarm pit stain is just not something any of us want to experience on a first date. And when spring hits, erratic temperatures are inevitable. That’s why you have to know your sweat level. How does your body react? If you are someone who sweats a lot, keep a fresh shirt at work so you can quickly change if you are going straight to a date or drinks with friends. Or keep an extra deodorant at work or in your purse for the ladies.

The most important thing is to remember you want to feel comfortable on any date. Simply take a few minutes before you head out to make sure you feel your best and are ready to have fun. Choose something you feel great in and be yourself. Stay inquisitive and interested in the other person and I’ll guarantee dating this spring will be your best yet.

Looking for an even more tailored approach to finding and keeping love? Check out our services and see if we can help you find that perfect match this spring.