Halloween is almost here! While the night seems mainly focused on trick-or-treating and family time, it can also be a ghoulishly fun date filled with romance, adventure, and some serious fun. It’s also a great way to meet new people if you’re flying solo or out with your friends.

Here’s how…

Costume Couples

If you are going out with a date, dress up together! It can be a unique way to get to know someone without the pressure of answering those typical dinner date interview questions.

You know the ones that start with, “So…what do you like to do on the weekends?”

Instead, decide to meet a few days or a week beforehand and costume hunt together. Maybe you’ll dress up from either of your favorite TV shows or movies? Maybe something scary for you both? Or a twist on something classic?

Whatever you choose, I guarantee you will naturally fall into conversation, have fun as you try out different ideas, and get lost in the magic of the season.

Your Halloween night together will be effortless as you bond over your costume creations. Let your inner goofy, sexy, funny – or all of the above – out for a truly memorable date night.

The Single Mingle

Feeling like you can’t show up to that party a friend is throwing on the Lower East Side without a date? Think again.

Halloween is one of my absolute favorite nights to meet new people – friends, networking possibilities, to potential romantic connections.

Whether it’s silly, sexy, scary, or a classic character, your outfit for the night becomes your easiest ice breaker. Wearing a costume gives you confidence. When you approach someone to ask them who they are or what you like about their costume, you instantly begin a conversation without feeling forced or awkward.

Take it a step further and use it as a way to find out more about their likes and dislikes…

What other costumes are they digging at the party?

Any horrible costume stories?

Is this their best costume choice yet?

Do they have another year that stands out for them?

How about that time your mom made you be Gumby for Halloween?

The possibilities are endless. Here’s the most important thing I need you to remember…

Life is short.

(I know — you weren’t expecting me to drop some deep wisdom in a Halloween guide where I also used the word “ghoulishly” but hear me out…)

What I mean is that you gotta get up and get yourself out there. Halloween is a great night to be with a date or be with your friends – or fly solo. The point is to think of it as an opportunity to showcase the fabulous person that you are – and have fun.

Don’t worry so much about your costume choice. Instead, focus on creating connection. I know you will wake up November 1st with some incredible memories and, perhaps, learn a few new things about yourself and your personality (and a whole lotta’ mini Kit Kat bars).

So tell me — what are your Halloween plans?? Leave a comment below.