Dating Tips from Lisa Clampitt Matchmaking

Dating Tips from Lisa Clampitt Matchmaking 2018-03-05T09:43:07+00:00

When “Picky” Means Something Else in Dating

“Lisa. I’m just picky. That’s the first thing you need to know.” And I get it. You are successful, smart and savvy person. You know what you’re looking for and you’re ready for that love of your life. So, there’s nothing inherently wrong with being “picky.” You don’t have time to say “yes” to everyone and everything. Plus, being [...]

Mix It up with These 4 Non-Dinner Date Ideas

With over 30,000 restaurants, New York City has a total embarrassment of riches when it comes to dining options.  Even if you ate somewhere different every day for years, you wouldn’t even scratch the surface of all the restaurants this city has to offer. But even with all that variety, let’s face it – sometimes you have to switch [...]

How I Am Making It Easier For You To Find Love

Investing in people is what makes a successful matchmaker. If you’re a client or member here at Lisa Clampitt Matchmaking, this includes really diving in with you to find out all the things that make you special and unique. We access your past patterns, what’s been serving you (and what hasn’t!), and create a concrete plan going forward to [...]

Your 3-Step Guide to Dealing with the “R” Word.

Rejection. Typically, the R-word is something we want to avoid at all costs—dwell on it too long and it conjures feelings of lack and unworthiness. But you know how the world works… You want rainbows? First, you need some rain. This also applies to your love life. You want to find the love of your life? Chances are, you [...]

Phone Etiquette Ruining Your Date? Fix It Fast

Back in the day (and that “day” not being that long ago) you went on a date sans technology - well, current 24/7 technology, at least… You met at a bar or through friends; perhaps it was a blind date or you had been friends for awhile. One of you called the restaurant from a wired, landline phone to [...]