Dating Tips from Lisa Clampitt Matchmaking

3 Tips for Your Next March Madness Date

Let’s say this right from the get go… It’s ok to not be the girl with the baseball cap and jersey showing up at Yankee Stadium knowing Derek Jeter’s middle name, batting average, and ready to kick the crap out of a Red Sox fan. Feel better? (Me, too.) Because that ain’t me. And that ain’t a lot of us. [...]

10 Ways Not To Blow It With Your Rich Date

If you want to find and keep a relationship, then the opportunity to date (more than once) is key. In the words of the great Whitney Houston, “How will I know if he really loves me?” Well, let’s back it up to “like me,” to igniting chemistry – and there’s no better way to know than by dating. And when [...]

My 5 Lasting Love Lessons

Finding that perfect partner has a major secret no one’s told you. You ready? Your perfect partner ain’t gonna be perfect. Period. This can be a hard secret to swallow, especially in our thumbs controlled society - endless dating apps, social media, non-stop texting - you name it. It seems all too easy to pass people up if they don’t [...]