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That’s what makes a successful matchmaker. For me, this investment started early on. As a child, I listened to stories about my rockstar dad working alongside Sergeant Shriver to help create the Peace Corp and his work with Bobby Kennedy on the War on Poverty.

How To Handle Ghosting In Your Dating Life

It turns out ghosting is not just for Halloween. We’ve seen a lot of ghosts in our time, especially when it comes to dating. Have you ever been on a date with someone and then you never hear from them again? You’ve been ghosted. Or maybe you’ve been the one to suddenly stop communication with [...]

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3 Ways to Create A Better Valentine’s Day

Did you know that Valentine’s greetings have been popular since The Middle Ages? (Talk about a strong PR team.) In fact, the oldest documented Valentine was written by Charles, Duke of Orleans in 1415 to his wife while he was imprisoned in the Tower of London. That’s some serious commitment to love. How can we [...]

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How to Know If Your Childhood Is Messing with Your Love Life

Your roots. Your family background. How you were raised. Your family history plays a unique role in how you will approach romantic relationships. Thing is when this is discussed it’s usually in reference to the not so positive things you’ve experienced or witnessed. For example, that bitter divorce you witnessed your parents go through. Your [...]

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Find and Keep Love This Year With These 3 Steps

The New Year clean slate. You know about it. You do it every year. January rolls around and you’ve shed the chrysalis of last year and are ready to fly. But then by February (ok, let’s be real - January 17th), you are back to the habits you wanted to change and your daily Starbucks [...]

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The Holiday Love Guide: 3 Tips for Your Best December Yet

It’s the holiday season! And with that comes, what seems like, a whole month of get togethers, dinners, and parties. Whether it’s a Christmas party, preparing for Hanukkah, or a fun holiday get together with friends or coworkers - I think we can all agree it’s quite a magical time in the city. And these [...]

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Remember This for a Healthy Relationship

Welcome back to the final installment in our Communication Series! This Fall, we have been getting super specific about the different ways you communicate (or don’t communicate) in your relationship. We’ve dissected the top 3 ways you could be sabotaging your relationship in those first few weeks or months. If you missed it, check it [...]

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Halloween and Your Love Life: A Quick Guide

Halloween is almost here! While the night seems mainly focused on trick-or-treating and family time, it can also be a ghoulishly fun date filled with romance, adventure, and some serious fun. It’s also a great way to meet new people if you’re flying solo or out with your friends. Here’s how… Costume Couples If you [...]

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Want to Date Someone Fiery or Passionate? Read This First.

Welcome back to The Communication Series! This Fall, we are getting super specific about the different ways you communicate (or don’t) what you want in a partner before you get into a relationship, during the relationship, and the ever changing ways you have to be ready to evolve with your partner for lasting happiness and [...]

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